Aston Martin Varekai To Be Unveiled At The End Of 2019

We all know that an Aston Martin SUV is in the works – no matter how much we wish it weren’t. With the popularity of SUVs however, and given how many other supercar manufacturers are making them, Aston Martin would be foolish to turn down the opportunity for such profit – especially given their future ambitions. If the cash injection an SUV brought were reinvested into the development of the Valhalla mid-engined supercar for instance, it could turn out to be so much better as a result.

While it’s still unknown what their SUV will be called, Aston have filed a trademark for the name Varekai – which is generally believed to be the moniker it will adopt. Specific details are exceptionally thin on the ground – but now, Aston Martin has stated that their SUV is set for an unveiling at the end of 2019. Sharpen your pitchforks, people!

Given that prototypes will need to be made for various purposes – including crash testing – much sooner than that, I wouldn’t be surprised if spy shots of the Varekai surface at the beginning of next year. And no amount of camouflage will be able to hide its tall driving position.

We can expect the Varekai to utilised the 4L Twin-Turbo AMG V8 used in both the Vantage and DB11 V8. In standard tune, that would give it 503bhp – but it’s also thought that Aston will bring out a hybrid version of their SUV with over 700 horsepower! Given that it’s set to be built in Wales at Aston’s new “home of electrification”, I think the chances of hybridity are pretty high.

When released, the Varekai is expected to be Aston’s most popular model. How it fairs against the Ferrari Purosangue, Bentley Bentayga, Lamborghini Urus, Range Rover SVR, and other monstrosities will be depicted in what will be one of the most hated group tests in automotive history.

Source: DriveTribe
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